What do you think?

what would be the best way to kill myself right now, if i had to?

ps - no ceiling fans here and i dont like sky diving.


  1. Translate some German blogs to English and then back to English. You will not even notice when it happens!

  2. do something repetitive and dull.

    No- I dont like this. come home.

  3. Abbe aye item, kya re heroine banta hai? Austy theek bola, ghar pe aa.

  4. i usually read my archives...
    hope all's well....

  5. Vogon poetry... they say it is mighty effective. Or you could try killing whoever is making you suicidal... might work as well :)

  6. is this a deep felt urge to get the attention??...if u are an adventrous kind....go to Iraq...that way u will be famous when blown into pieces

  7. LOL.just stop breathing by closing the nose with the arm.BTW,I am sure the question was a humorous one,hence the answer too.:)

  8. comment on ur last post:

    single, straight 30+ male human...oh man u seems to be describing me...oh shit "suitable" is the key word...lol

    ...Dont u think its the middle class which defines a society...rich are all the same everywhere

  9. E, yes! Just kidding. I thought you'd get that ...

    Sudipta Chatterjee, lol. not v nice though!

    Austere, will not kill me :(

    Pratish Menon, isnt "item" a really bad slang word? You really shouldnt go around calling random women stuff like that :D

    Manuscrypts, Archives? Wont work!

    Casablanca, lol - its me! so we're back where we started. I hat poetry so i wouldnt even be able to start!

    Sherriff, curious ... why 'deep felt'? If it is, its working isnt it? Certainly getting a lot from you! TWO COMMENTS ON SAME POST w/o 1 REPLY ... wow!!! Or were you just free and bored.

    lol. just kidding. pls dont take offense?

    yes, suitable is the key word. obviously!

    and a) i did not comment on the middle class b) i didnt comment on their defining a society or not c) i didnt even mention the rich, forget about their being omnipresent ... so i really dont get where that bit of your comment was coming from. thanks for dropping by, though. Cheers!

    AmitL, thanks sweetheart (for getting that i was kidding)!

  10. no you'll still come back to haunt us so if we have to prod on so do you

  11. Ok is being punched senseless backwards.

  12. In the last post "tagged" u wrote "middle class morality/closed minds"...thats where my comment was coming from

  13. San, yes pls prod as dutiful friends should :D

    So ... close now. If I can hold out for a few more hours I'll be in the Green for this term atleast!

    Cherie!, 'punched senseless backwards'? Didnt get that :(

    Sherriff, I know! I did not comment on the middle class - meaning I did not say anything 'about' them, or pass judgement on them ... and definitely did not say anything about their either defining a society or not and i didnt even mention the rich, forget about their being omnipresent ...

    I talked about middle class morality, which is a different thing altogether, or atleast was in the way I meant it and I just said I was scared of it.


  14. Ummm, I think Cherie meant, K.O. Knock out..O.K.?

  15. Oh I have another idea: go and smell the armpits of someone back from a rugby match... instant satisfaction guaranteed!! :D

  16. Watch the new Umraao-Jaan and the Don back to back. To increase chances of brain death add the new Devdas. Surefire way to become a vegetable. ;D

  17. E, so ur a mind reader as well? :D

    Sudipta Chatterjee, my own?

    Prometheus_Unbound, I'd love thjose movies. will see them soon. thanks.

    Sudipta Chatterjee, ok - thanks! gimme a bit of a while though :D