Once Again

I need a little help from my Julia Roberts and Kate Hudson
Listening to Fallen. Isnt it Ironic? Not even Fallen.

"And I was not looking, was content to remain.
And it's ironic to be back in the game."

Its 4 in the morning. This is when I would get ready to phone you. Suddenly so blue. Miss you. Suddenly struck by one of thos sharp stabs of missing you. Yes, it could have something to do with the fact that I spent the last hour looking at your photographs. There is no way to find you again. Or your me. One day I will forget. One day the bitterness will fade. One day I will not look for your face in everybodies face. One day people will just be people, not someone who looks, or talks, or smiles like you. or doesnt. Or someone you would have liked. or wouldnt. One day, someone will measure up. One day the yardstick will break. One day, I will love again.

Its not me. Its your song I played accidentally that brought you up. Yes, you were right. I remember how it used to make you laugh. Are you laughing now?

"muJhse bichaD ke khush rehte ho
meri tarah tum bhi jhooTe ho

ik tahni par chaaNd Tika thaa
maiN ye samJha tum baithe ho

uJle uJle phool khile the
bilkul jaise tum haNste ho

muJhe shaam bata deti hai
tum kaise kapDe pehne ho

tumh tanha duniya se laDoge
bachhON si baateN karte ho

And listening to your old favourite song. Do you remember how we fought about this song? Do you remember the serial it used to come on? And how much you hated it?

"Koi ye kaise bataye ki, wo tanha kyon hai
Wo jo apna tha wohi, Or kisi ka kyoon hai
Yahi duniya hai to phir, aisi ye duniya kyoon hai
Yahi hota hai to aakhir yahi hota kyoon hai

Ik zara haath bada de to, pakdle daaman
Uske seene mein sama jaye, hamari dhadkan
Itni Kurbat hai to phir, faasla itna kyoon hai

Dile barbaad se nikla nahi, ab tak koi
Ik loote ghar pe diya karta hai, dastak koi
Aas jo toot gayi, phir se, bandhaata kyoon hai

Tum masarrat ka kaho ya, ise gum ka rishta
Kehtein hai pyaar ka rishta hai, janam ka rishta
Hai janam ka rishta jo ye to, badalta kyoon hai"

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