Everybody said I should forget

I fell in love with a strange land.
One day, it went back to its people,
And I was banished
I wandered, in my heart,
I was happy with my mourning and memories
And when I closed my eyes,
I roamed its streets
And whoever I spoke to, I heard its voices
So I told myself it didn’t matter,
Reality, and other trivialities.
But then they said I should forget.
And I felt cold and lonely
So I left my mind, and stepped out
Into the world
And now I have forgotten
the memories of Eden
My heart only remembers there was something:
a sound, a sight, a feeling without which i cant bear to be 
And the needs which the world cannot replace
Still throb; sometimes a glow, sometimes a fire
In misunderstood conversations
In books that are undiscussed
In jokes that dawn a strange look
In fights and debates
In every day, in every second
in unremembered memories
and disowned desires.
In dreams. In wounds and scars of a secret beginning
In the unrequited admirations for forgetful fathers
In the evening news. In the morning breeze
In neighborhood gossip. And deep reflection
In ambitions for greatness and purity
In humble simplicity
If the heart has danced with the devil once
can it be saved
it just dances on in the moonlight