the melted copper moon
trickles down the black night
and gathers in a puddle
on the floor
in a corner
of my room.

i test a tear,
and wonder if its too soon.

in the darkness,
the minutes march
marking time
as it slips away.

somewhere, you wander too.
i wonder, where are you?

there's a place
by the sea.
black stone walls
strewn around.

there is spray,
dancing in a moonbeam

and the silence of darkness,
full and heavy in my hand.

i remember the feel
of gravelly wet sand.
i remember the rythms of waves
the rise and swell and fading away.

once again, without you i'm hollow.
though toys come and toys go,
though you hold my hand, my heart is empty,
still, incomplete, a windblown leaf.

a windblown leaf
that cud have been beautiful
had it in not been stolen,
and frozen, by the wind
floats and dances and swirls in the breeze

and comes and falls in ur palm.
entranced, u smile. ur fingers curl.
dont move! dont crush it. its dry from the cold and time.
and dont open ur hands and let it fall


  1. Very beautifully written... I like the way you close it (though the u and ur suddenly make it all SMSese)