maybe noone misses anything as much
as a recovering patient misses his illness
my most dearly beloved city,
today i cried for you
i thought of everyone
who can walk your streets
hear the laughter in your air
smell the magic everywhere
while my heart freezes
here in exile.
 on the outside

loving me

when you have tried and failed
when you are ashamed, and feel small
 you must comfort yourself
who else will comfort you

when you have worked
to overcome but found yourself
back at the start
you must fight bitterness and resentment
who else will fight for you

when a moment of grace
passes like a mirage
and feels like life too,
was laughing at you
when you are alone.
when you hunger
and life floods you with chalk for bread
you must stand by yourself
who else will stand by you

when you are defeated
when you are broken
you must carry on
who else will carry you
when you are scared
when you are sad you must heal yourself
who else will heal you+

when you have loved, and been laughed at
when you feel ashamed, and cheap
 you must teach yourself
 to let the waves of feelings pass
 perhaps all of this hurt will make you stronger,
if you bear it well pain wont kill you it's not poison*

*+borrowed & para-phrased from buddha and dylan, respectively :-)