Back Home Again

This was when I moved away from here. So much has changed since then. Hell, everything has changed since then. It was the time when life fell apart. I look at some people, they go through pain and hurt and they talk about it so easily, and then they feel better and they get on with life. I wish I could do that. I would want to but I couldnt get the words out.

But that was a phase of life, while I was there. Now, I think I am better. So maybe its a good time to move back. There's only one person in the world I can open up to and talk. Sister of my soul, my twin, seperated by 10 years, lol, and yeah, being home again, with her, for however little time we had, was healing. Its not the the hurt goes away. But it gets a little easier to live with. The weight settles.

We are having an onslought of submissions in college. Its assignment time! I had a killer assignment on Friday. We had to compare 2 POS Taggers and I think I screwed it up big time. Next we have a big one on Monday for Theory of Mind, on the language of thought. I havent even started on that yet.

Its funny how the days just slip away without me noticing it. I do less and less constructive work everyday. I dont even read. I just chat with people. I think I miss my anti social days. Or atleast, my work does. I just had this bizzare conversation with someone downstairs. Its strange the conversations that are born at midnight study breaks :)

It was good to get that though. Good timing. I was miserable just before. Its a horrid feeling when ur being torn apart and there's noone you can talk to about it. Not bcz there is noone who cares, or noone who is there, but just bcz it would need so much history to be gone into. It was easier when I was frozen. Its harder now that I have thawed. I cant beleive how different I have become in just a few short months! Its bizzare!

I think its fine though. Everything will work out. She's a good strong kid. And if I survived she will. I just wish I could show her shortcuts that I see only after I have crossed all those stretches, save her the heartbreaks, the dirty, filthy, lowdown of life taht I have waded through to get here, but I know it doesnt work that way. She has to go through it. And I guess we were born for stuff like this. Like the rest of the stuff he is always giving it to us for, its in the blood. As is the strength to take it.

Anyway, we stood down their and laughed and laughed. Scared all the while that the angry lady from the 1st floor would scream at us again for making noise. Legend has it that she just comes down and starts yelling. Damn! I've never seen her!

Ms. Miagi (thats my friend here - a nick) and icelander just went down to the pub for some drinks. Ice wanted to go alone, the better to meet scottisgmen with, but Ms. Miagi said she'll go along. I said I'll come back up and work on the essay. And this is how I do that. LOL


  1. If one is talking to the right person, the 'history' wouldn't matter much. Tiresome I know delving into that. Sometimes the right person is the one who was all wrong in the first place....and will be


  2. preronaben.

    (was here. nothing to say really. tc)

  3. Nice to see ya back here. Study hard!

  4. I just got to know of your old home from "prerona".. Very fine! and good luck with the studyin! :)

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  6. POS Taggers? As in Point of Sale taggers???

    So Sales and Marketing is it now?

  7. E, really? how come?

    Austere, sorry been lying low! Loads of work. Will mail you soon ...

    Velvetgunther, yes! :)

    Prmod Bafna, :) Thank you!

    AakASH, part of speech taggers.