out of nowhere
came a blissful wave of grace
and now, sitting down to write
about it, i realised,
this is the angel
that i'd prayed for
so many nights
so desperately
weeping and wishing
down on chaffed knees
when my sanity
seemed like a weight
i barely held on to,
on the verge of slipping
out of grasp,
i prayed
for someone somewhere to send me an angel
and look:
here it is my angel!
disjointed, distorted and detached
but disturbingly real.
and so full of grace
suddenly, out of nowhere
like a dim speck of light
peeping over the horizon
that slowly grows and
you scarcely dare believe it,
but it keeps growing and
breaks the endless night.
thus dawned hope, and freedom
and release.
and stumbling through
just another day,
i bumped into myself.
its been so long,
and i know it wont stay,
but its true
for record: i felt happy today