On my birthday

I slept 30 mins in the last 24 hours
Submited 2 papers
Receieved: Wage, the Ugly Doll, 1 strawberry cake, 1 Grants whiskey, I box of chocolates, 1 mont blanc pen (ball point - which I dont use), Golden scarf (which I dont use)
Bought 2 buckets of KFC and misc sushi for Becky
Was hit by car, and survived
Lost my favourite lighter
Stumbled to the scotmid to accompany Becky, to buy my cake, stood outside
Watched Sin City (for the nth time) and American History X
Received calls from Barbie, Mom, Chatts, Juls and Ady
Felt grateful for the friends I have.
Duh ...


  1. Me first!!!

    Oh, Happy Birthday Prerona... wishing you all the best for the coming year ahead. May all your dreams come true this year: may this be the golden year all of us look forward to once in our lives.

    Many happy returns of the day! :)

  2. Happy birthday, loveliness! Here's wishing much happiness comes right on the lane that you're on this year!


  3. Happy Birthday,doll. Its been an absolute pleasure knowing you through your blogs. I used to read a few blogs before, but now theres only one which I come to regularly - Yours. You have that effect on your readers , the X factor, the feeling sometimes where I wish a particular post wouldnt end cos it wud spoil the way I am feeling right now.

    Enjoy your day and try not to get hit by cars or anything else , see both sides before crossing the road ; )

  4. WHOA!!!
    Belated b'day wishes to you lady!!!

    and Receieved: Wage, the Ugly Doll, 1 strawberry cake......Barbie, Mom, Chatts, Juls and Ady
    You are one lucky gal...
    for ma last b'day..no one called up...all ma friends are cheap, you know :))

  5. The lighter's in the common room....

  6. hey prerona, belated b'day wishes...

  7. heyyyyyyyy happy belated birthday to you. from the looks of it you had a pretty eventful birthday. thats good . birthdays should be like tht.