My horoscope says "Take responsibility for your feelings. You'll be better off if you do so, and you may even realize you have more control over your life than you thought. Acknowledge your emotions in the present and you won't overreact later." What does it? Somehow, feel its imp to understand. But will I ever dare to do that? My feelings are so nasty and selfish most of the time! LOL

My housemate broke my fav shoes. And my heart.

The deadline for the Monday assignment has been moved by a day. We have the ICL assignments - its mammoth. We have to run a NRE tool on a german and english corpus. yuck! i'm sick TNT

And tonight I have to finish 3.5 pages on defeasible reasoning and more for cm and complete the ICS assignment which I dont even understand! asked the prod, & he doesnt know either! duh.

dad didnt come. and he didnt send the cards mom was sending with him either. this is my first birthday that i remember without a card from my mom, but I got her gift.

1.5 down. Half to go. Deadlines at 4. One essay postponed. Ha Ha Ha ... :D


  1. NOBODY ought to be blue on their birthday. Yup. Thats an order.

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  3. It's your birthday? Yappy budday buddy!!!! (of course it is your birthday Scorps corps :P!!)

  4. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
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    Happy Birthday to you

    Wishing you much success and happiness.