watching KANK again
the one who gave me that link did know what she was doing
the beauty of it is, i think, in silsila, or even in the hollywood version
the other people are kind of paler, u 'feel sorry for them
but no more
here every now and then u see it in preity zinta or abhishekh
i could see easily why she would be attracted to him
as clearly as i can see how tiresomely trivial, superficial, "happy" he is
and also the way he catches these bizzare things
like preity hitting the nail bang on the head when she says
u cant love anyone, bcz u hate urself too much
and abhishekh bachchan cribbing about rani mukherjee
u dont love anyone. u don find anything funny. ur too serious.
u dont want to be happy.
ur dull. ur boring.
BINGO, sunshine! u said it. now how do i fix it?
but they'll hang on and keep btching about it, wont they
they wont pack up their sunshine and leave
the thing about happy people that freaks me out is,
if they are that elated, they're missing something
and another thing i love that they show, or almost
is that cruelty tic ... its like a tic in ur eye
ur aware of it, and of how annoying it is
but the minute you stop holding stiff and polite and sweet
and in control ... u get bitchy and cruel
;0) just kidding
and ofcourse i love the nonsaintliness of the parents
and preity's mom in the toy store was SO familiar
but maybe they shud have made her a little badder, as well
and that scene at the crossing with preity and rani (god i love her but i hare her name) both approaching shah rukh khan ... most people would say its so unreal right?what are the chances of something like that happening! lol ... u'd think that way unless u actually saw it happening - everyday - little miracles!
and someone was critising it bcz of the way he treats the kid. i know. but he's survive. what doesnt kill u makes u tougher. growing up in confused fear like that, having no clue what will hit you, when, can only make him stronger. and more screwed up. he'll grow up. a little darker and screwed up, probably, and love moveis like kank when they come out. lol


  1. Quite an interesting review you got there. Really twisted. Though I would say you could work up your grammar a bit and you could become a successful reviewer. LOL!!!

    But, hey, I still loved our post. Keep up the good work[?].

    Take care and keep smiling,
    Santosh Mishra
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  2. Haven't watched the movie yet.. though my mum hated the movie :(

  3. lol E! ts not a review - its one of my temp posts whic will most likely make just a fleeting appearance. and if u keep coming to my blog u'll realise i keep ranting abt KANK now and then :D

  4. santosh, thanks for the visit :) where did you get this link from?