The morning after

I thought I could sleep through the weekend, I was so tired. Havent slept more than a few hours at a stretch for what seems like forever. It would be okay if I was getting in any quality work, but I am not very happy with anything I turned in, except for one CM paper, and that too had some holes. Anyway, waited till after class for the pressure to let up. After that we partied, or something like it ...

I had been to frantically busy to let anyone know about the evening, so I half expected everyone to have other plans. So it was really sweet to see that they were still free. Didnt find a lot of people in the dorms, but I found those I wanted, with two exceptions.

My kind of perfect evening. We sat in the common room watching Sin City, eating KFC and drinking whiskey, with just all the people I liked in their with me!

Drank quite a bit and we were done sometime 3. I was half dead by then, came up to my room and crashed. Slept almost till 1PM the next day, with short breaks to take late birthday calls from friends far away.

Worked a bit on the next assignment during the day and then chatted with a few more friends in the evening. Went out for dinner with a few more friends at night. Isnt it nice to have the people you like around you, and not a crowd?

Saw trailors for Guru. I'm dying to see that. And Dhoom2!


  1. wants some as well.are u back in UK now???PLEASE say yes

  2. first of all...repeat swne's question. second of all...yes it feels good. better than drinkin alone on ur bday n go to bed w/o any fone calls.

  3. dhoom 2..yes im loooking forward to watching hrithik. mm

  4. Swne, yes I am! :)

    Cherie! ")

    E, yes!


    Khotta, yes! :)

    Ek Anjaan Ladki, :D