Sincerely Seeking

It's one of those phases, that come upon me from time to time. Maybe its got something to be with straying close to the edge? When you're asleep, or when you're groggy, half awake, freaking out, scared, heart sore ... thats when, I think, your mind filters out everyone and you remember only the essential few. So I went looking for you. Looked for you on hotmail, on yahoo, on my computer ... found a couple of snaps from last year on yahoo. And now I remember why I dont go there anymore.

I was with home for two days. Maybe its just that which brought it all back. He's gone now. I dont believe 3 months have passed and I will be home soon. Everything has changed so much. I've been home 1 before, since you left, but I'm still scared of walking back into the silence.

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