What if life made you choose between loving and being loved being cherished and bored or exhilarated and Unvalued. Life offers choices like that. Sometimes I think life is ruled by a god of sadism and exquisite, and costly, humour 
Those born proud
Life will teach shame

Those born exuberant 
She will temper with sobriety

If you are born young
 Life will wear you old

There are many different kinds of love

No. Everybody does not spend his life chasing an impossible dream. Most normal people are not helplessly enslaved by ros̩ bushes. Very few people, relatively, are irredeemably fixated on a passion that is not wholesome. Only some people hold on to one love a whole long life long, even when it is irredeemable, unspeakable, unrequited and terribly completely perhaps permanently gone, long after the ghost of love has left Рthe petrified lover clutches desperately on. No. Thank god. Very few people really fall in love