Goecha la pass

and my best friends wedding ...
heady cocktail of madness. lol

what do i do?
feel a bit crazy!

in a way i'm so glad i am going to be in uae soon
being home there is kind of a insulating go to sleep kind of feeling!

no oman and iran trip though
bcz u apparently cant get a multiple entry visa for dubai

feeling restless tense and nervous
one more submission to go, but this is the BIG ONE!

why do i bump into my TA only when I
am taking one of my (extremely scarce) breaks? :(

i am already worrying about the
politics of the hols ahead. dmn.

b's christmas party tonight.
movies and hot chocolate in the common room

why does watching love, actually make me wistful, always?
damn. makes me think of that line in you've got
mail ... "the dream of someone"
it lasts all of 15 minutes before the bubble bursts.

sometimes i just switch off
even i dont know where the switch is,
so i cant control it
i dunno ...

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  1. visiting ur blog for the first time...whenever i find someoene from Kolkatta, there is a feeling of meeting someone from my town...even though left the city ten years ago...living in Mumbai for last seven years...and i am not a Bengali...but still...weird