i am DYING of assignments
and i CANNOT concentrate
i sit with the stuff for HOURS and get nothing done
i have tried morning noon night. NOTHING is working
all i DO is chat and WHINE
i have FOUR essays due by monday
have not even STARTED
not even the BACKGROUND reading
that is 8000 words. atleast
no. more for CM. and
everyone knows i CANT write in structure
i miss home and my SISTER
i CANT do this
i want to RUN away
i am FREAKING out
LOL ;)

1 comment:

  1. let your assignments FLY
    let your mind WANDER
    let the stuff escape from the cracks in reality and CHEW the grass
    TAKE a very short holiday
    DRINK a glass of wine
    write one essay and TRANSLATE it into three other languages
    OPEN your eyes, STUDY the wall
    you CAN DO anthing
    your sister LOVES you
    come back
    when I count to three
    you will WAKE UP