Past 14 Hours

in the lab - havent done this in a while.
I am getting old!!!
reminds me of driving abck half dead from work at 8 AM ...
or worse. not so doing ...
or college labs before submissions ...
or school labs before term end ...
huh! oh ok.
guess i have been doing this ever since i opted to take comp sci
but i miss my beloved tcs. in hindsight: it was a party all the way ...

I am getting a refund for half my rent from the residence
bcz I have been spending all the nights in the lab

As usual, I get by with a little help from my friends
The meet me halfway during breaks and bring me hot coffee

Its just 10 percent of the total marks!
Is it worth so much heart ache?
1 weeks work for a .07% increase in profession
fcuk! why would anyone wanna study compl linguistics?

& when i think of all the pretty girls in class,
who are getting all this labour done by some earnest nerd,
while the uglies like us have to slog it thru and
then stop & help someone else at 3 AM ...
it makes me so sad!
all we get is snapped at for asking the most innocuous question
and then we have to waste 30 precious mins crying in the loo
damn. thank god for friends and KFC!

whats bugging / petrifying me is,
i am putting off IRR for this stupid thing
and thats a 100 bldy marks
what will i do?

i could also have written about the massive thanksgiving fiasco
and how fun-ly it ended, but i am too tired to spare the effort

here's the latest n updates on my IRR paper instead:

From PhD Comics.


  1. Hell,

    And I was thinking of getting bac into school. Your post got the goosebumps up on my arms. I had forgotten the agonizing glances that you dart as the clock unforgivingly ticks to the deadline. and all for a piddly increase in total grades.

    Seems finally the grass is greener on my side of the fence.

  2. but remember the pure joy of that .07 percent increase?


    i remember the mindnumbing dullness to work, :(

    but then i had been working for 7 years

  3. Oh , What would we do without KFC. Truly and utterly "Soul Food".

  4. I always thnk KFC during the weekend....if not for Mr. KFC, ma weekends would have been so boring...n spice-less :P

  5. I'd do your lab work anytime sweetie :D!!

  6. Oh... you too are in Comp Linguistics and NLP??? :O It is a small world, I tell you!!

    And you will graduate before me :( :( :(
    All the best with your assignments and grades

  7. hey old girl (heh hee ) how are you ? it is a catch 22 situation .. earlier i used to crib like you abt not havin time from work .. now i complain of not havin enuff work .. *sigh* thr is no solution really..

  8. I keep having these nightmares sometimes, that it's the night before exams and I dont know a thing....

  9. The Guy Next Door, I love KFC!

    Arz000n, truly! Though I liked it better when they (all too briefly) had "zinger" here - its kind of bland otherwise

    E, lol :)
    nehi re - I'd rather do it myself. Was just whining - JLT :D

    Sudipta Chatterjee, :(
    Noooooooooo! I am not IN Comp Linguistics and NLP??? I am just doing one course ... thanks :) you too!

    Sanguine, hello madam! Kahan thi aap! Kahan ho - kya khabar? hume toh aap bhul hi gayi :(

    Velvetgunther, yes? Me too! But then I have been that way in rela life too so I guess its only to lifelike ;)

  10. I remember those days myself. Hang in there, it will get better. At least you didn't have to pile into a car with eight other guys to go an a thanksgiving "trip".

    When are you graduating?

  11. I guess for me it was the other way round. Grad school is party all the way and TCS was just stressful.

    But now, when I am stuck with research and no light at the end of tunnel, you wonder whether working was better. Atleast you earned some bucks and slept lot less in the lab.

    Thinking about it, my advisor got a sofa in the lab when my conference was due last year. I dare not say it was a a coincidence. I kind of wanted to bring my toothbrush too and a pillow.