The Frozen Hand

its seriously cold. its about -5 and its only begun. add to that the fact that its the windy city of uk.

i woke up as usual, at 5, and went for my morning run. i was wearing my cool running tshirt (which i got when i particiapted in my first ever race) and my new orange cycling shorts.

it was cold and dark as i stepped out, but its always cold to begin with, so i didnt pay attention. about half way through my run it got really bad. i couldnt feel my hands anymore. i couldnt reach out and change the track and it was playing something horrible, loud, and i seriously thought today i might just make it. even after i got home, i was frozen for an hour and a half. it took me a serious amount of effort to get my keys out and into the keyhole. My hands are still paining from then, and its 2000 hours now and Im just home from work :(

it was terribly exciting. i guess i really need a life.

once again, that feeling is upon me: i have an urge to close to blog. its a periodic thing, i guess. comes on from time to time. i'm running out of things to talk about. i'm running out of imagination. maybe i'm running out life.

i keep trying to answer this question to myself, why do i write the blog? is it really still what it started out as, 'writing practise'? she set me thinking. she says i talk to myself. dunno. much. little. less. anything.

was looking for something i wrote after he left, the first time, and found 5 old posts. :). i love reading my old posts.

someone asked me why i always ask people if they are happy, if they have friends, if they are enjoying life. i dunno. i'm just weird i guess. i'm curious, about things like that.

they are talking about it.
my blood stirrs a little,
i feel an urge to add my 2 bits,
share the things i've thought, and seen
and learned:
that things will always be like this.
that things have always been like this.
each layer of people,
on the scales of time,
see it,
for the first time.

then i remember and i feel,
the urge and verve,
slip away."

Ray S. Guelph

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I am going to Perth on Sunday, to visit Abigail. Looking forward. Bebu's day out. Does it feel any grown-up-er, now that I'm thirty? No! I still feel like a baby or sage, depending on who I'm with.

Trying to work on this, dunno how it will come out, or if i will complete it. If you think it macabre, blame it on my guru ji and my bhai.

There's a Joan Baez concert in Glasgow in March. As usual, I want to go but I dont wanna go alone and I dont know a soul I could beg to come along. It always plays like this. For the Roger Waters show had to go with someone who my best friend found for me, all the way from Cal. For the Deep Purple concert, I had to beg and bribe a colleague with a elaborate dinner. Theres only one concert I actually had a friend to go with, and that was the Rodeo thingie. Thom, where are you! Dmn, wish I knew how to make 'friends' ...

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