Lazing on saturday afternoon

Prove that you're a human

well, that was easy!!!

started a new blog ... like i
didnt have enough already.

chatted with dost-maddie, and little-pom. Now
i'd just bump into mommy-mira, bhai, tiny-pix and
guru-ji online, and it would be a perfect day!

i'm confused ... is that the printers comma?

weird nightmare last night
i was wearing a awesome saree
and a hideous sweater, and then i dropped
my camera into a lake, by accident. and
someone had died.

listening JC after a long long time
'dil mein taqaat, jigar mein haal' kahaan ...

heard sumon after ages this morning
'mon kharap kora, shokal maane megh korechhe'

bought some new cd's
metallica, savage garden
now obviously i dont want to listen
feel like watching fightclub
why do i keep going back to the same movies,
the same music, same books, same people ...

struggling with my new friend: GMAIL
i HATE it! but the, i always hate the new

woke up to friends. love it whenever
rachael and ross get married. sigh!
love watching but never buy the dvd's:
i'm scared i'll stop loving it then

mood? quiet. thinking.
i like that part best!

everything you see, everything u hear
nothing is as it seems

everything you see, everything u hear
everying is a test

everything you see, everything u hear
everying is a clue

Struggling with this, its a bit stuck. If you think it macabre, blame it on my guru ji and my bhai.

I finally saw Salaam Namaste, half. Its not bad! What was all that fuss about! Actually, its got Saif, so I'd have loved it anyway, but, nevermind.

Someone has started a blog! Some who calls my little girl Munal Didi. Seems like just yesterday they were frollicking around in fink frill frocks and there they are now ... so grown up, and calling me bebu!

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