rough cut

do u know i see through you
that im not so dumb, im kidding you

do u know how much i love u
do u know ur too good to be true

do u know u're disgusting,
and yet, fascinating

do u know im crazy about u
do you know i wanna hug u

infact, i can feel it now, while i hide
its a hollow sucking feeling inside

the only way i can identify it
is i wanna hug you really hard

like we were stuck with fevicol
before we heard of quickfix

do u know i'm hurting and scared
wanna tell u but dont know how

do u know i just wanna stay
do u know i just wanna run

do u know how much i miss you
every day. every hour. or almost

do u know how much i hate u
wanna shake u, scream and shout

that i wanna fight with u
do u know i never fought with anyone before

do u know i've never been nasty before
do you know i've never been mean before

everything ive ever known
feels like it led me to u

every road i ever took
takes me farther away from u

do you know, ur the only one
i ever told my secrets to

i dont know, if i'm sad or glad
that u turned out to be another fool

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