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Its less cold than before. Maybe, I just wasnt so well that day. Whenever its too cold, I think of the times in the past when I felt like I'd pass out from the heat. Freezing is better any day.

I wonder what decides our personal preferences. I like cold better than hot. I dont feel cold easily (If u know me, u'll have remember my std jk on the subject).

Somepeople hate the cold. They wear 3 sweaters in a Calcutta winter. How do we get these preferences and charecteristics? Is it something we are born with or is it something we aquire? Is it h/w or s/w? It could be a self modifying thing.

What was the space movie where they have left a weather monitoring robot behind somewhere in space. it has ai, and it can repair itself. somehow, it learns how to attack, when threatened. When the guys who made it come back, for some reason, it starts attacking them. So this attacking thing was aquired. The self repair was built in.

I have 4 certs I should take this Quarter. Dont feel like doing any of them. Maybe 2 of them. Does anyone else feel the PMI registration is more painful than the exam?
The b FPC is now split into 5. Whats the point giving it? It feels so forced. I'm so, so ...


In between 1PM and 5PM, Inbetween 4AM and 8AM, In between 8PM and 12PM ... thats when ideas come to me. Those are my awake zones. Guess bcz I used to study during one of those times. Why? I dunno. I felt awkward studying when people are around. Too easily distracted. U dont even have to talk to me. If theres a living, waking being in the room, or even the dorm, I'd start focussing on them, instead of some horrible thing I was reading. Actually, not horrible. I never studied horrible stuff. In college, I happily ignored my malvino for my gibson. in school, i ignored everything for physics and history. i hated any language study, as far as I recall. And arithmatic. And economics.

Stayed up till late last night. Some people had said they will come and stay but after I rushed home 'early' from work (8PM), vacuumed, cleaned the house, got dinner; and then they called and said they wouldnt come.

After that, I kept going to bed, but kept being woken by a natures call or by words in my head. Had to get up and write it down. Will put them up sometime on the other blog. Which reminds me of Henry and June: where she talks about the intersection between her diary and 'the journal'.

I'm so bad at punctuation. I remember when I was writing the description for Ricercar (my old blog): "i seek something more, something elusive, like silver sand. now I think I found it, and there, its gone again.", I had this sentence and no clue how to punctuate it. Had to stay up late and get Oni to look at it and punctuate it for me. I feel so proud of her. Though we're not in touch. Was thinking of her and Malo and Rahul and Rahul Bhaiya, and I was thinking maybe I could do a post on the people who influenced me in life, but it felt so fake and pseudo. Ships in the Night? So fleeting, 'friendships' are! Is the moment worth the pain of the passing?

I'm out of PC. I think.

PS - added after this morning's outing, I saw one of the famous foxes of stockbridge, atlast. It ran across the road, bright and clear, in the dark!

PPS - I have a cold! I'm tired and sick. i'm ill. i'm dying. I'm just kidding. I'm black and Blue.

PPPS - Today, this made me cry!

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