A Dream

i have a dream ...

i want to find a good man.
have a caring relationship.
a pretty house.
2 kids.
and adopt 2 more.
call them lila, taara and 2 boys names that i havent thought up yet.
a big dog (but not a german shephard, bcz he wont be like leo).
a small cat.
watch tv.
have flowers on the table.
make biryaani.
listen to music late at night.
volunteer at an old age home.
study cognition.
have a study.
have a yellow laundry room.
live in the same city as chatts, adit, juls, sauce and munal.
and mommy.
and baba.
have long hair, and wear nice saree's (like mummy).
have a house with lots of huge windows.
have more muscles.
row like a star.
run very fast.
write loads of books.
make cookies for my childrens friends.
take care of mummy and daddy.
see munal do really well and become a famous artist (yes, barbie ... 5 lakhs).
be really good, grown up, and understand everything, something, not sure what (!)

there's only one catch.
i think i'm allergice to 'good' men and
i O.D on 'caring' very easily ...

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