Cold Winds

Its cold. I was hoping it wouldnt be very bad while my dad was here. It was sunny for sometime on Friday and Saturday. We had a blast. The way my life is here, anythings a blast. Empty. Cold. Clean. Cool. In control. I like it.

We pubbed at every pub we found. We found plenty. Ate out. Drank champagne on my birthday. Threw a dinner party on the next day. Called everyone from work. I got a little high. We talked into the night. We went to the ocean terminal. Sat at the bar and looked out onto the sea. Went to the hill. Climbed. Took silly snaps. Took nice snaps. Stayed up late. Made mad plans for the future. Fought over whether he is balding. Traded shares. Traded cribs, how miserable it was staying alone. We did our me worst - me worst routine. We talked about how hard it is to find a friend. To save money. Buy a good house. Start a on new road in ur career, when its everything you have. Open your heart and be urself. Its funny how we are so close. All of us. In our own strange ways.

For four days and four nights, life, the world, this silent house, transformed into a crazy happy cosy homey place. Now its back to sqaure one. Although, now I got a comp at home. So now I can chat on msn and yahoo. :) Also got a new black cape, blacl pants, green-brown overcoat. Half a bottle of Glen Fiddich, very old. Some new hindi cds - andaz apna apna. Some cognac. Some champage. Some perfume. 2 books. Loads of chocolates. Happy Birthday to me. Older, not much wiser. Someone is still missing from work!

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