Archie Andrews, Where Are You?

Its snowing this morning! Started earlier than ever! The sky is think with fat, white, speeding flakes. Sandy and me went downstairs and spent a while looking up and feeling dizzy ... cool! And I'll have my webcam today! I'm happy and excited. Feel like calling up everyone and telling them :)

Song in my head, he said are you married I said no man! u can do the job when ur in town. sleigh bells ring, are you listening.

Someone came to my desk and asked me, where's Archie! Freudian? Well, I'm wondering too! Have you ever felt like you need to get in touch with someone to make some mutaul decisions, but you just cant get in touch with them? I feel like that right now. Except, the someone is me ...

Its Friday. 'Someone' is back at work. For whatever good that might be. I have a rash again. I think I'm allergic to misery!

I got my birthday books. They couldnt get hold of Beautiful Mind yet. I got the history of philosophy and 2 moleskin notebooks. One for me, and one for the little girl, who lives back at home.

I'm tired. I'm listening to corny old pop songs. I broke it up in pieces and sold it down the road, looking for someone with resources enough to buy it back, and brave enough to call me friend.

I'm tired.

Went clothes shopping but couldnt find anything. Everything seems so retro and shabby today. Or more likely, I've become harder to please. I dont like frills. I dont like girly. I dont like pansy. I dont like inelegant. I dont like too dressy. I dont like too stiff. I dont like over bright. Its the harder thing for me to know what I want, and what I like. No wonder I live in frayed basic jeans and polo type t-shirts (no logos, please) in dark blue or dark lilac or maroon and sneakers. or white shirts and grey suits. I always thought once ur grown up enough, you live in saree's and jeans.

You dont realise how lonely it is till u fall seriously ill. and u never know how clueless we still are about the human body till someone falls ill and noone knows what the hell it is.
I might be down and out a few days. Or then again, I might be fine tomorrow. In case I am, will post or mail again. asap.

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