Glittering all the way

The pavements were grey concrete
On the pavement, was a thin layer of iced frosting
In the dim glow of the street lights
The ice gliterred like crushed diamonds,
In the moonlight.
It was everywhere
on the pavement, on the fallen leaves
On the trees,
On the little red berries and glossy green leaves

Thank god I'm not a little boy
I'd have so fallen for the Snow Queen
And there'd be no beloved friend to find me and get me back
to our boxed window rose garden

Someting reminded me that when I was a kid
my Uncle used to say, "when God was making you, he was making a boy.
At the last minute, someone called him away. When he came back,
he was distracted and he made you a girl by mistake"

10 K - 65 mins. Not bad.
Have 2 more story ideas. And one new recipe
So watch out for them on the respective blogs ...
What did you say? I didnt need to know that :(

I have shifted fom breakfast bars to oats and raisins
And I've gotten over the strawberry-milk-fever!
And I've started loving Just Shoot Me

Bought myself my b'day gifts. Well almost
Went to the shop.
Bought a beautiful mind for somone (cz he has such a dirty one - j/k)
Lusted after 4 books for myself, bought 1. And bought my self some notebooks.
But they had run out of nice copies of the BM so they asked me to come back on Wed :)

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