Gmail Blues

I'm back. I'm so sick of Gmail. Why did I give everyone the stupid Gmail address. Firstly its immense! I hate being called P.... M ....: makes me feel like I'm back in school and in big trouble! Secondly, there are no b folders! Cant tidy up! Nightmare for us compulsive-tidy-up-ers! Thirdly, it filters out mails from my friend. Taj sent a mail to gmail copy to work id. I got it in the work id - no trace of it at gmail! Fourthly, if I write you a mail, and you reply, and we do this over and over for about 6 rounds, I would like to leave your last reply and delete the rest. I cant! It drives me nuts. Its like sitting down to dinner with the mornings dishes in the sink.

i want to see 'in her shoes', 'elizabeth town', 'harry potter'. this weekend i watch ae fond kiss (sweet), the first knight (ok-nice), the prince and me (cute), the runaway jury (had cussak), salaam namaste (had saif)

i'm reading a book on the underground city under edinburgh!

went out for dinner on saturday. had a nice fillet mignon, perfectly done, medium rare with a lovely sauce, some haggis, with a nice wine. walked around the old town. grass market. then finished off with a drink and a chat. sunday, had planned to go to ocean center, but went for lunch to the dome instead. had mussels in an exquisite sauce and a warm chicken salad that i just loved! followed by a chat at starbucks with my favourite chai latte and a walk down george street. on monday, I stayed home, slept through most of the day. received my webcam. it doesnt have a mike. i must have imagined that part, then! its been less cold since the snow day. the city lights have been lit. the german fair has arrived.

hows that for p.c?

incidentally, p.c., here, is politically correct, right? so whats polite conversation, here? you must have some term for it? i wonder ...

addendum: check this post, if you havent. I liked it. Its intense and at the same time, its neat and finished. i'm not sure i can get across what i mean, but it really impressed me bcz it sounds like she means what she is saying, and yet she is saying it nicely, which i find a rare combination. or maybe i'm just cynical ;)

listening to music on my comp after a long time. my old mp3 collection cd's. re-intro session today with: murder, he says, a million miles away, whats love gotto do with it, radar love, sometimes when, pinacolada's, atlast, tomorrow never dies, send in the clowns, kokomo, take a walk on the wild side, 2 out of 3, summer wine, set adrift, knife, eye of the tiger, war pigs

cant find clothes i like even on yahoo avatar! damn! how hard is it to find a decent, non pansy T! :(

someone walks in to my enclosure and ignores me. woe is me :(
and now, i will to bed.

btw, does anyone want to buy a brand new un-used webcam with a built in mike?

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