Burnt Offerings

i stand in a corner
cradled between to walls
and contemplate

on the floor,
strewn around
all my muklti coloured masks

which one will i wear today
which games will we play
i turn my head and look in the glass

acid burnt and ugly burnt
black, and drak putrid
ugly, vain, selfobsessed
attention grabbing seeking whining
week, social, playing games
ugly, unloving, selfish
trembling, fearful, shivering knees, quivering flesh
salt, mingles with blood, mingles with acid
weak, clashes with suffering clashes with bitter

past hope
past dreams
past lies
past touch
past tears

tasteless, but bitter

and looking for feet
to fall asleep at

looking for feet
to cry again at

looking for hnads
to hold again

looking for eyes
to see forgiveness in

looking for life
to live again

looking for heart
to feel again

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