how do you say why it hurts
the wind blows
the cold seeps slowly through, to your bones
theres a fire, out of reach
and its moving
but when you reach it, crawling through the dark
its just plastic flames blowing, in the wind
theres no warm in it
theres no heat in it
how do i make it go away
the hurt of knowing
it will never be okay?
How do I tell myself, to grow up
when i'm still waiting
for a little peace
when will the fighting stop?
when will ur wars be done?
when will loving be begun?
when will we have a happy home?
happy families
fun and games
just a little game

on another shore
i hear the laughter as children play
the sand flies
as the run around
their mamas and papas smile
then turn to each other
and disintigrate

if i could rhyme
i'd write pretty words
to make u smile
and cry

instead i just bubble inside
with words and cries
i cant hide
nor wear outside

i dont know how to say it
it was all always broken
i dont know how to say it
there was just the end where we began

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