In the Dark

passions and emotions
rage inside u, churn u up
like a storm, that goes on and on
murdered voices echo through the night

u feel it might have helped perhaps
if u could pour it out to someone
but far and near, now and then,
theres noone

swimming in the troubled waters
of ur warring times
i slipped with welcom song
into ur world

with pomp, and honour
ceremonies and valour
ornaments and flowers
u cut me up, and hung my pieces for trophies on ur walls

always torn
loved. and loving
shared, by mortals enemies

torn in bitter pieces
as u fought
to make me love u
and hate the world

u want to know my secrets
i sing them to my walls at night
u want to know the lies and lives i live
i cry them into balled fists, in silent screams

inky blue and velvet dark
as the night
shining, twinkling, remote
as the stars

why am i blue tonight
why do my eyes look like rain
why do i sigh and turn away
why do i smile? i forget

if i told u u'd say
lifes that way
still in the heart of my heart
something wishes why

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