Beautiful Day

Its a beautiful day (Dont let it get away. You're in the mud, in the maze of her imagination). I woke up this morning and it wasnt freezing. There was just enough wind and cool-th to make it feel 'fresh'. The sky was baby blue, laced with with little milky white clouds. The kind of sky I scrubbed onto paper with blue crayons(chitrangshu) when I was a little girl. The grass was dry and green, outside. The trees were clean, sharp, black strokes, with a few leaves still hanging on, in wee rust, ochre and russet clusters. If you watch, every once in a while, one of them will take the plunge, swirling gracefully down, like a ballerina dancing her swan song. On the ground, here and there, there a small groups of brightly coloured leaves of different shapes and sizes. the wind picks them up and makes them all go round and round in random circles, making little whirpools of colour. they look like children laughing and playing.

This was the first thing I read this morning, this article from crab's blog: In an old theater, a new life after the quake

Last night, I watched 'Ashiq Banaya Aap' ne. Took me all of a half hour. It would come along just when I was getting so smug and proud about movies from my India! I dont much like that Hashmi, and as for Sood: I had liked him SO much in Bhagat Singh (with my dearly beloved). Sigh! The girl is pretty, in the way that i like least, but has a awesome figure, or so i thought!

watching telly in the morning, it struck me: the relationships i like most AND identify with best, are archie and jughead, joey and chandler, will and grace, etc. I desperately scratched my brains and tried to think of a few pairs from the romantic genre but of the top of my head, i could just come up with rainer & justine (thornbirds) - to a point; or linus larrabee & sabrina fairchild, in a way. I liked richard and florentina (archer), but couldnt identify with them. I identify with holly golightly & paul, but dont like them (read, i dont want to). I liked satta bose and the air hostess, but they werent really going around, were they? i adore the characters played by uttam kumar and tanuja in deya neya, but i dont think i could have identified with it. i liked and could have identified with clarice and lecter, but again, they were'nt a proper couple! I still searching my memory storage - I'm sure I will come up with atleast one proper 'couple'!

I have this song playing in my head ever since I saw the movie: I hope that I dont fall in Love. The magic of it is a combination of the lyrics and the moment in the movie. I think I'm getting a crush on someone. Again. What? I thought it went away! Its pain finding stuff about songs on Google sometimes - looking for the real writer, etc. Speaking of Google, I found something I liked about Gmail! I like the way it puts each mail in the conversation seperately instead of linearly. I had to work very hard to come up with that one - to make up for all my recent b'g! Am I fair, or am I fair?

So finally I am all set up to chat with Daddy Dearest, with my mike and my webcam and everything, and he's out of town for a golf weekend. Not fair :(

Interesting piece of info: ELSS Funds, the turner report and here. More on the same here, here and here. And this from back home.

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