Something ...

someone posted reminded me of this (old started and abandoned and made into random post) story ... here. And looking for it I found this that I had also loved so much. Two of my favourite children. lol. But then I love them all to distraction. Quite literall in this case ;0)

2 days to exams. The countdown begins. I have discovered, its still as hard as ever for me. And this reminds me of the last time ever I wrote college exams. Salty omlettes and 'fruit and nut's ... and now I am there again, in more ways than one. I never ever ever thought this was possible. This in itself is a huge stroke of luck, or a blessing, for the un-cynical. Enough. Anything more would be a bonus. A welcome bonus, but not something to be cried after. And after all, I had long promised you I wont do that. Anyway, so its not so bad. Everything is like a habit. Habits are formed because of the highs they bring. Before them something else got you the high. All you need is to rediscover that.

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  1. If you could also share that "someone's post" it would be interesting to see your train of thought... :-)