the moon, and the song of the wind

isnt it silly
how many times a day
some little silly thing comes to mind
which seems so important to share with someone
right then and there ...

yes its funny
guess it will take some time

but there are so many people to talk to
friends, are a dime a dozen
atleast that much i have learnt

its just a 7 letter word
like dragons, and faeries and love
a silly idea for sill credulous fools
atleast that much i have learnt

you should'nt take life so seriously ...
nor people
and most of all, not friends ...
take lite ;)

i'll get by
i'm doing good
i'm glad
maybe even i can cultivate some pride ;)
who would have thought?

isnt it funny how different we are with different people?
why are we like that?
so hard to understand?
so uncontrolled ...

now you ...
ur easy.

yeah, right!
you're easy to understand
as long as i keep in mind
that there isnt anything to understand

but ...

anyway, things cant become important without my permission
enough now. its time.

the bird is singing in the tree.
the leaves rustle secretly.
the moon is blue and silver
far away, it tumbles through
the black lace branches on a tree
down on empty tracts of land
somewhere, water makes little noises
and when the wind sings
it makes a mock sad sound
only ends up sounding funny
and the moon bends down
and they laugh at it together
the trees wave
and watch on

their endless silent games
of war and love
mock seriously
they pretend, so hard
so seriously. till the instant
when their high in the sky
for an instant
their eyes meet
everything explodes
the sky, the stars, the wind and the moon
trumpets, cymbals, bells ring
sparks, fires and lights glow
walls and curtains and defences
and their silly little games
everything is blown away
but only for an instant
and silently
high in the skies,
where noone can see
in that instant
they are alone,
hidden, even for themselves
i never lived an instant like that
ever before

for that, take eternity

somewhere far away
there is another me and another you
somewhere, far away
its free

there's a kind of peace in solitude
somethings hurt
and they are hard
but still its got to be done

i'd have never thought of the hot water
these little details make all the difference
not that it did
but still
you live
you learn
little pearls to be saved
for the last straw of boredom
why do i feel like its not far away
yes, its almost time now

funny, she reminds me of you
maybe because she is so pretty?
or maybe because of the way she cried
funny how the girl just made it so clear
which side she was on
clever girl
you cant sit on the fence
thirty years is a long time
thats how you share the names she bought
it would be easier if you had a moral code
to judge with, to call names with. to hand out little envelopes of scorn with.
i couldnt. its ok. i dont mind.
they're just little names.
soon, they dont even mean much.
funny. he would have never said i'll do their homework ...
thank god for that ;)


  1. friends are a dime a dozen but ones you really connect with are priceless.

  2. :)

    what does freind really mean? and connect?