i will be allright, if i only dont think
i will be allright, if i only dont run into no one

just for a second now, till i regain the rock
this is the last thorn to pull out, hold your breath

i still havent found, the mustard to bargain with
nor anything else to replace it with

damn! why does withdrawal make you hyper sensitive
i must trash that poster on the wall

if i say i'm sorry, if i say i miss you, much
would you come back? but i wont. so there. if u'd known,

u wouldnt have gone. if you went
you might as well stay gone

and see if i care.
i'll make do with what i have.

but i do ...
and i am ...

i'm sorry i forgot everything u learnt me
i'm sorry i ran away for the red shoes

i'm hungry. and i'm tired and it's cold out on the stones
and the monsters in your stories stayed behind ...

just in case, you wanted to come back,
i just hope we dont miss eachother on the road

so, finally after all that drama i let you go
and you'll never know, how close you came, to i know not what

its been ages since it rained like that
i had longed to hear the sound of the rain

and when the sun came out again, it was a melting flourescent
and jonathan and fletcher, came to say hello and remind me ...

everything is gonna be allright
just hold on and let go, when the time is right

thanks for reminding me, can always go home
thanks for reminding me, there's always a place to go

so if your looking for a place to stop now walker,
dont come knocking at my door

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