Top 5 Time Again: Top Five Songs you have ever identified with

... if you would like to play along, leave your Top 5 in the comments :)

1) I'm Easy. Keith C.
This is my favourite song (specially at the moment! :)). If you havent heard it, please do go to here and check it out) :)


2) Sometimes when we touch. Dan Hill

I fell in love with this song in school (lucknow socials - dia kaur and anjali utthup i think were singing it in lawrence hall. But I maybe wrong - it was a long time ago. Has always stayed in my head, though.



3) Knife. Rockwell
SONG: This is the Closest I could come/find to an online version!

4) Another Lonely Day. Ben Harper (or was it Hunters and Collectors?)



5) Desparado. The Eagles


Runner UpS :)

1) You and I. The Scorpions

One of my favourite - EST songs :) Corny but ...


2) Rockabye. Shawn Mullins (I think)


3) Send in The Clowns

Huge all time favourite of mine :)

4)Whats love got to do with it. Tina Turner
Old favourite from school days. It always makes me smile :)



5) For All We Know

One of those early first songs you here your parents playing grow to love too
Incidentally, 'their song' (there's a kind of hush) also is one of my favourites ...


6) The Way We WereLYRICS

And I loved the movie ...

7) Unforgiven. Metallica


8) I wanna hold your hand. The Beatles

9) Silent in the Morning. Phish

10) Be my Baby. I dont remember who it was by ... :)

Next list coming up soon: Top 5 Beatles Songs (Maybe 'Because', 'Something', 'Here comes the Sun', 'Love love me do' ... ??? Dunno, this one's even harder to pick a top 5 from :D)


  1. Hi,Prero....loved the fav. list...especially the Beatles favourites..(Must listen to them today,I think...been ages.grin..In Dubai,I tend to forget 'normal' life,amidst all the hustle and bustle of daily life)...AmitL

  2. Very eclectic taste - and an indicator of which decade you were a teen.

  3. Top 5 you said? Gosh may be i'm the one who forgot how to count :)))
    Just kidding. Just loved each one of those songs. And like olivia says indicative of our growing years, must say :)

  4. atleast the beatles ones I knew.

  5. Amit, you keep saying that! I keep wondering why :)

    The Top 5 Beatles list is only a teaser - the real list will be put up next :)

    Olivia, eclectic is good. Thank you :) I think taste is often a reflection of the cultural context you grew up in, and time is a part of that.

    M, Yes 'Top 5' I did say. Note there is a Top 5 and a runners up section. I guess the small font makes it easy to miss ;)

    I'm glad you liked the songs. Whats ur list? Its not favourites, mind you, but the Top 5 songs you 'most identified with' ever.

    Austere, good. Its always nice to learn new things ;0)

  6. Just back from lunch and I heard this one "Uptown Girl" song after a long time ..a nd it was one of my favorites (and cheezy)

  7. I thought there was another post here somewhere! I think I am hallucinating

  8. ur not. there was. well i changed my mind about posting that really, bcz it wasnt there's no point putting it up before its ready!

  9. lovely songs.

    and hey how do you embed this radioblog mini thing ?

  10. 5 is a big times, i tend to identify with Simon & Garfunkell's 'I am a rock' (but i am constantly working towards not identifying with it:)..

    my favourite song, for quite a while, has been 'O Mere Sanam, O mere sanam'(Mukesh and Lata) from 'Sangam'...

    and like 'austere', the beatles ones were the only ones i knew:)..

  11. hmm, i like your 2nd fave too, though it wouldn't be in the top 5.. let's see - High Hopes, Time - floyd, telegraph road - dire straits, cats in the cradle - ugly kid joe, just before it gets dark-emmylou harris... nice post :)

  12. trying to pick a beatles top five is like trying to select the five best stars in the sky at many to choose from!

  13. I had to listen to 2 Metallica Songs after I read your post.
    1. Unforgiven
    2. King Nothing.

  14. rock and roll suicide by david bowie
    my generation by the who
    help by the beatles
    creep by radiohead
    how soon is now by the smiths

  15. Euphoric Dreamer, :)
    will find the link and send you when i am home!

    Frissko, Simon and Garf - Feeling Groovy :)

    'O Mere Sanam' I havent heard! I know only one song from that movie. Apni toh haar hain, yaar mere ;)

    Manuscrypts, i liked ur list too!- But are these ur favouries? We're playing Top 5 'most IDENTIFIED WITH' :)

    CJ, ur right about the beatles - or are you? Hmmm ... :)

    What if you had to pick just THREE? I think I'd pick Because, Here Comes the Sun and Something ...

    The Pilgrim, I havent heard King Nothing ... and where's ur list :(

    Oh I liked Rock and Roll Suicide too :) And My Generation (though my favourites are 'her daddy gave her magic and teenage wastelands'

    Creep ... yes yes yes! Me too :)

    How soon is now, I havent heard!

  16. OH! I forgot my mostest 3 Identified with songs - Clouds, Love Song to a Stranger, It aint Me Babe, Roses Blue, Chelsea Hotel, Master of Puppets, They're writing Songs of Love ... but most of all ...

    I wanna be someone else or I'll explode ... you want me ... so fucking come and get me ... I'll be waiting ... with a gun and a pack of sandwiches ...

    lol. talk show host! song most in my head right now specially line 1 ;)

  17. austere and frissko, i'm not surprised - most/some of these are really old - way before ur times and also not v famous songs

  18. i am the walrus
    dear prudence


  19. Hi,Prero...well,haha..I guess ole habits die hard..but,then,I do miss the good ole relaxed days of Baroda,many times.:)

  20. My List (Make it top 10, top 5 is too short to do justice):

    1. But it rained - Parikrama
    2. Stairway to Heaven - Led Zep
    3. Fade to Black - Metallica
    4. Cats in the Cradle - Harry Chaplin
    5. Going to California - Led Zep
    6. NIB - Black Sabbath
    7. Right in Two - Tool
    8. Take away my pain - Dreamtheatre
    9. Kandisa - Indian Ocean
    10. Comfortably Numb - Floyd

  21. The one song from your list which might go on mine would be Desparado. I *heart* Eagles.

  22. I am looking forward to the Beatles post, it will be easier for me to choose a top 5 out of that, too!

  23. CJ, so is it curious that all the songs u most identified with are beatles songs? i like dear prudence and help i have to felt with many times :)

    AmitL, :)

    The Pilgrim, awesome! i like fade to black & going to california :)
    i like Stairway to Heaven but i wouldnt say i identified with it. nice list :)

    MOP!!! Yes!!!

    Casablanca, waiting for ur list :)

    Olivia, you dont have to choose a top 5 from my post - just think of the top 5 songs u most identified with and put it in the comments - common girl - u can do it ;)

  24. I hadnt heard I am easy before, heard it yesterday, really loved the lyrics

  25. I just put a post telling a little bit about my list of songs.