the trees in the park are blushing
the grounds are swept with petals of snow

a long winter is passing by
with a whisper of cracking ice

the river, at first shy
bereft of the burden it had half grown used to,
stripped naked, skin returned,
hesitates for a minute, then softly hums

in the fields, in purple and yellow
little flowers laze and soak the sun

a long winter is passing
a new day is coming

i changed my mind
excuse my temporary loss of reason

i am still the same
and still want full loaves

and voluntary contributions, at that
else i still know how to leave it

yes, that's probably all i can do well
though recently the treads on my trainers are wearing thin

even the one, can be forgotten
there are so many other places in the world

though, i'd always miss your special grey streets
and the burst of laughter unexpectedly

your contrasts. your contradictions. your madness
that reminded me of me ...

but walking your lanes, i realise
i dont need mirrors. i still have me.

thank you, spring. for the melting
i am so glad to be rediscovering ...

i dont need another best friend
at the end of the day, i have me.