little help from my friends ...

I am looking for information on this course: SMFA Boston - Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program (for Drawing and Painting - or whatever they call it - making pictures, i guess)

Like how good or bad it is, How its different from an Master of Fine Arts, How good the college is, etc?

If anyone who reads this knows about (or knows anyone who knows about) this course, or fine arts courses in general, or SMFA Boston - Post-Baccalaureate programs in the USA ... I would really appreciate it if you got in touch ... :)


  1. Wow, good luck with this. Afraid I don't know any Americans with Fine Arts degrees.

  2. yes this little help for me to visit my blog...thank u

  3. I know plenty of Americans with Fine Arts Degrees. They are mostly now waiters and waitresses or are going back to school for something career-oriented. These are all people who are American citizens and there is not much use for Fine Arts degrees in the materialistic and business-oriented (money money money!) American society except as a base for further studies. This may be different for you since you are probably not planning on staying in America.

    How do the Fine Arts tie into schizophrenia research?

  4. Verlaine - my British friends with Fine Arts degrees are not doing much better, you know. London is all about money too, which is why so many people end up working in City finance. The need for fine arts is limited in the market all over the world, not every graduate of fine arts or art history can find a place, it is competitive and limited. I speak from experience.

  5. Hi,Prero...good luck at finding the details you need...

  6. you want me to ask someone in Boston to find out? have you done the net search bit?

    all the best and give me an update when you get time...

  7. Olivia, ok thanks. The beatles to 5 is up - check :)

    Verlaine, if you know anyone who can give more info - I would appreciate it.

    This is not for me its for my little sister :)

    AmitL, thanks amit. Check the beatles list - its up just before this post :)

    Inkblot, yes ask if you can ... pls? khub bhaalo hoye. will update you as soon as these bloody assignments are over :)

    not that anything ever happens in my life to update ... lol!

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  10. Is there anything specific you are looking for in that program or some of that kind. I should be able to let you know soon.

  11. You might want to check out or raise this question there...

  12. thanks! thats great. actually i was interested in painting, but i guess the answers will be similar for atleast some of the questions