"Public opinion is a weak tyrant compared

with our own private opinion. What a man thinks of himself, that it

is which determines, or rather indicates, his fate.

Funny what sticks and stays in your head
Sometimes when I close my eyes I can relive all those moments ...
The sounds, the smells, the taste in my mouth, the feel of the ground under my feet
And her voice like thunder: are you ashamed of yourself

most of the times, i am :)

when it comes to screwing up - nobody does it better. i always thought that like one of those neo-arty movies, life will make sense in the end, when the pieces all fit together with a bang. and it does. it was never ur fault. or anybody elses. sometimes life is just a patchwork of different prototypes, different fairy tales. i had the ending wrong. there is no swan-turning. she was right - some people are just as dumb as they are ugly (funny how even when she said 'you are so nice' she made you feel like she was saying 'ur so dumb'). and ofcourse u dont forget even in 20 odd years hearing how stupid you are and how you would fall for any story. specially when you know its true. bah. it's bollocks. maybe everything that happens happens for a reason. trying random combinations, you will come up with a few bad designs. you should shelve them seperately and not put them in the stack for propogation. its for the best.

poor thorns. poor ducklings. poor stupid people.

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