Top 5 Beatles Songs

Okay, everyone who was making a noise about beatles songs ... I know I promised this one coming up, but CJ was right ... its near f impossible!

Definitely Jealous Guy is one of my favourites, but does it count as a beatles song? I dunno enough about the Beatles to know! And the same for Vanilla Sky and The Ballad of John and Yoko???

, vanilla sky on youtube and

What beatles originally meant to me was stuff like 'close your eyes', 'love love me do', 'she loves you', 'should've have known' and 'i wanna hold your hand'. Those were the songs of the phase of the beatles I grew up listening to people listening to. Those were the songs I knew (know?) by heart, with every tiny sound, in the order they were on the records ... even with the scratchings on the record :)

But now after all these years, if I had to come with a list of my top 5 favourites beatles songs, it would be, I guess:

1. Something

2. Here comes the sun

3. Because

4. When i'm 64

5. In my life

Runners Ups :)

1. I'm a believer
Couldnt find this anywhere! Maybe the Monkeys ...
So i'll give you another ... ;)

2. Nothings gonna change my world

3. If i fell in love with you

4. Hey Jude

5. Eleanor Rigby

Join in and Leave your Top 5 Beatles list in the comments ... :)


  1. In no particular order,
    With a little help
    Here comes the sun
    Hey Jude
    Jealous Guy
    Across the universe
    Norwegian Wood
    When I'm 64.
    Yeah I just exceeded 5. These things are too difficult :)

  2. Yea I am not into their teeny bopper years, I like the later work, also some of the more psychedelic stuff:

    Hey Jude
    Honey Pie
    Norwegian Wood
    Penny Lane
    Fool on the Hill
    Across the Universe
    Magical Mystery Tour
    I am the Walrus (weird huh)
    I'm Only Sleeping
    Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heart Band Club
    Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds
    Hello, Goodbye
    Your Mother Should Know
    Let It Be

  3. Hmmm.
    I'll go with -

    Octopus' Garden
    Across the Universe
    Twist and Shout
    I'm looking through you
    Oh! Darling

    This is ,of course, only a representation of my present state of mind. There are many, many more.. :)

  4. All this and the fool on the hill.

    And yes, near fucking impossible.

  5. Just a little trivia for ya! ;-0} Eleanor Rigby was originally going to be titled Miss Sadie Hawkins but the Beatles were not satisfied with that title. Later the song was titled Eleanor Rigby from a tomb stone in a graveyard in Woolton.

    Have fun!! ;-0}

  6. Hello:

    Thank you for commenting on my blog. I appreciate it greatly. I would say my favorite five Beatles songs in rank order would be:

    1. Tomorrow Never Knows
    2. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
    3. Got To Get You Into My Life
    4. I Am The Walrus
    5. Dr. Robert

    The above songs all derive from my favorite albums... which for me are the middle-years of the Beatles.... Rubber Soul, Revolver, I Am the Walrus, and White Album.

    I think I can address a few of the problems you had in locating a few of the songs you have listed....

    1. Vanilla Sky, I believe this song is actually sung by the group BadFinger, which was a Beatle-esque band that the group signed to their record label, Apple Records. They have several very, very good songs in addition to Vanilla Sky. Paul McCartney wrote the song and had BadFinger record it... and the YouTube version is a rendition of Paul's solo version

    2. I'm A Believer - this is a song that was recorded by the Beatle-esque group, the Monkees.

    3. A few of the other songs you list as favorites are solo pieces that were written by Lennon or McCartney after they disbanded the Beatles, and you may be able to find them more easily by looking up the solo artist.

  7. When i'm 64
    Here comes the sun
    I'm a believer
    Yellow Submarine
    Twist and Shout

  8. For some reason, I like Harrison's songs more - Here Comes the Sun is totally favoritest, esp. the intro. While my guitar is nice too...

    Then, Strawberry Fields, Please Please Me...ah, too many!