Just another lonely Day: Ben Harper

Just another lonely day, Ben Harper

This is one of my favouritest songs ever! I still remember the first time I heard it. I was looking for throw your arms around me, another favourite. As far as I know this was written by Hunters and Collectors, resung by PJ and BH. I love the words of both these songs. One of those that really do something to you ... but I also love the texture of his voice. Its one of those songs that makes me crazy. lol. if any making were needed ;)

And isnt it ironic that this youtube user has pic'd it to mona and chandler! monica and chandler have loads of pre-memories. mainly because i always hated the fact that joey and chandler break up bcz of her. damn. growing up. do we have to?)

In other notes, spring is sringing thought it doesnt seem that way from the tornado-like winds here, when I woke up and went down at 4 in the AM yesterday, I heard my first birdsong of the season :)


  1. I imagine Edinburgh is absolutely beautiful in the springtime, all the rolling green hills and old architecture.

    Hey do you know why Kolkata is spelled so many different ways? I was always taught it was Calcutta, you spell it Kolkata and the map on my wall at home spells it Kolcata. I assume Kolkata is the correct way?

  2. I like Ben Harper's "Walk away"...i like the texture of his voice, quite intoxicating....
    Joey and Chandler were the funniest and when they almost broke up? if that's the term, well it was just sad. Monica overshadowed Chandler's smartass comments...sigh...I quite detest the last season of Friends..wasn't that funny.

  3. Not sure about the song. Maybe there are too many other noises going on around me right now.

  4. "spring is singing"
    you dont like storms?
    I do.

  5. As Cohen would say: "I see you've gone and changed your name again." :-)

    Anyhow, howdy! How's it going?

  6. Snakebite, yes - i really like it :)

    Verlaine, yes! it is beautiful. the biased, like me, think its beautiful in every season.

    Okay. Long story. It was called Calcutta by the Brits, when they were in charge. It was called Calcutta and thats how we all know and think of it, till a few years back. But in Bengali, which is the commonest local language there, its pronounced Kolkata. So some time back they officially changed the name to Kolkata. Most/Lot of people still know it by, or just continue to use Calcutta. So either is right. "Kolcata"is just a mistake probably. Maybe the writer wasnt sure which one to go with and blended both ;)

    Ajay, :)

    Dreamcatcher, yes! Gravelly and intoxicating is the right word. There are some songs and singer like that. Purple Rain, Jealous Man, I'm on Fire, Feeling Love ... heh heh :D

    Joey and Chandler! I loved that combo. I was heart broken when they split. But yes, they were funny! Monica became weird towards the end. She was much funnier when she was at home, i think. and you are right, she damped chandler somewhat. I loved Chandler when he was with Joey.

    Too me its symbolic of the "sad" in life. U grow up. Friendship dissolves and dumb love comes in. And everyone becomes boring and stupid.

    Roger Stevens, come back and hear it again later :)

    Austere, oops! Typo - meant springing! Storms? Yes, but why? How is that related to Spring? I love storms! Look fwd to going back home someday and watching a good full blooded storm!


    GhostOfTomJoad, Glad your back! Well, I had started out blogging as "Ricercar" and then changed to the other place. Then I started to write 2 diff sorts of posts in both places. With the new labels in blogger I wanted to integrate the 2 blogs and this one had more posts from before, so i moved that blog's stuff here. makes sense :)

  7. Spring is on its way, indeed!! My beautiful spring garden has been plowed under by 4 feet at least with the sewer problems this winter but it will still comes in spite of my searching for the little green heads that peek up waiting for the sun! I refuse to be sullen! ;-0} And I saw a cardinal sitting in my azelea watching me as much as I him from the kitchen window and he never left!! It is truly on its way!!

    Ben Harper's voice reminds me alot of Cat Stevens voice. Nice song!!
    Nice Day!!
    Nice Lady!! ;-0}:-0}

  8. Ohh... the RSS feed for your blog was incorrect on my Thunderbird and I missed soooo much for such a long time. Will read up all of them when I get time!

    About this post: have never heard the song before, but I liked it :)

  9. Jerry, :)

    Peggie my love, its still cold and wet even here. But there are little flowers and birds around. You want full monty? Then keep waiting! :P

    Sat Mar 03, 06:41:00 PM GMT
    Sudipta, dont worry that happens to me all the time! i think there are no feeds for this blog at the moment.

  10. oh nice!! I had not heard this before..

  11. "I never grew up. Just learned how to behave in public" .... :)