Everywhere is You, You are in Everyone (misc random thoughts - school of divinity library, sanctuary)

ost - phish - silent in the morning

i trust their written word
and adore their flights of thought
but will not follow everywhere
that they roads of their reason walk
how can i not believe in you,
how can i let you go?
you're everywhere to me,
you're in everyone.
silently you talk to me.
i carry your smiles and frowns.
steadily you walk by me
i talk to you all day long

when i see your face
something inside, bursts into a song
of happiness and faith
i dont know where it comes from
i dont know why it does
its terribly hard, to hold it back
reign it in with
the leash of reason and control
how can everything be so beautiful?
even every tear ...

i have lived with you for many years now
by now you should be old
but your wonders never cease
yet i cant imagine doing without
the last time, i said goodbye
it almost broke my heart
every you, every part, is beautiful
every day, every corner, is new
each day, you still show me a new face
how can i not love you,
though you belong to me,
but someone else?

can you learn to love without desire?
can i learn love like the breeze?
can ever i stop feeling this way?
can i ever live somewhere else?
can you ever find the answers
that youre most looking for?
can you ever not find the answers
that youre most looking for?
keep listening, keep looking,
the are everywhere.

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