colour purple

over my head, the waters swirl blue and black and green
jagged little pieces of logic everywhere, sinking in
none hit me, though some scraped my skin, brushing past

filtered by the water, above my head
the sun shines bright and red
blown far far away by the blast

i watch the realization in a white bubble near my head
i must move out of here, before i sink
you cold warmth, your determined undeterminism

grey and white for practicality
and a little bit of green and brown and blue
because you love the skies too.

wild purples, a indigo and swirls of red moss
the sea, deep below, the sky on a stormy night
the still of hanging stars in the night.

and in the distance, i see you.
i am trying to reach out, can you see me
hold my hand. stop me. pull me out. before its too late.

death is born in the birth
time is framed and couched in time
it never goes on, but in circles

what will you stand in the center?
what fill with each days worth?
what will i do with this life?

you were right when you said what you said
whats the point of it all, at all?
maybe time has come to run again. if nothing, there's always fresh starts


  1. This reminds me of a certain villanelle: Mad Girl's Love Song by Sylvia.

    Your poem contains the elusive elements that make one burn.

  2. so you disappear like that.. hmmmm

  3. I dream secretly that I had the strength to run again to a fresh start.

    I have secret dreams of running to Amsterdam and living a small life.

    I just don't have the courage to drop everything and do it because I'm scared of being alone.

  4. Ô¿Ô, "Mad Girl's Love Song" by Sylvia? Is that good or bad?

    I like the sound of "elusive elements that make one burn" :)

    Thank you :)

    Replied to your comment on the other poem ...

    Anonymous, like Metallica :)

    Verlaine, when its all gone there's nothing else left to do but start again. Its scary but fun. Like a Roller Coaster ride :)

    Try it. Let me know when you get to amsterdam. Its my favouritest place to visit :)

    I know about "scared of being alone", but are we any less alone without our dreams?

  5. Starting over is easier said than done, at least for me. I'm not scared of many things in life but am too scared of ending up alone. Therefore something inside dies and the days go on and on.

    When I was 20 I tried to follow my dreams and it didn't quite work out. Wound up at 30 a struggling musician with no money and a wasted college education and in a drug rehab center. Now that I've found some stability I find I cannot let go of it. Maybe the next life will turn out different.

  6. Enjoyed reading this post. The sense of a clawing uneasiness, intangible like an itch which shifts four fingers away from where you scratch... I loved the way you end it. I suppose, one is often made to stand still and wonder whether anything is worth its demands of effort and anxiety.

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  8. This poem spoke to me...great observation on love and human emotions. The question I ask, is when is too much too much?

  9. nudges me to start fresh..good work!

  10. Someone has been having colourful dreams here. I liked the poem and the imagery: perhaps the jewel at the end of the rainbow that you seek is always hanging at the tip of your necklace.

  11. Verlaine, have replied by mail.

    Eroteme, I am glad these things came out to you, as you read it. Really makes my day. The sense of a clawing uneasiness, intangible like an itch which shifts four fingers away from where you scratch

    Thank you so much!

    "wonder whether anything is worth its demands of effort and anxiety" is so write. and so much anxiety. and so much effort ...

    EATING POETRY, thank you :)
    "when is too much too much?" is the question indeed. Guess time decides it afresh for each one of us. We choose a thorn and push ourselves into it as far as we can bear the pain ... and then pause, take a breath and push in some more ... all for the singing ... like the legend says

    omg - pardon me - i think i will steal that for a post ... ;)

    Pallavi, start afresh! pls - we miss you!

    Thank you :)

    Sudipta, Glad you liked :)
    How have you been? Long time ...