like butterflies
words and feelings
float about
in the semi dark neon ness
except, for a blur

suddenly you realise
something small
has been woven into you
a fleeting feeling
that could have been but a dream
that you will never know
if you imagined
will wake you restless in the night
your heart full of fear and longing

seeing you,
could not have come better timed
and yet fear swells with anxiety
what will tomorrow bring?
what will the years unfold?
something small
has been woven into me ...
it will forever float about me
like a shroud
of a faintly undiscernible
or a memory
or a flower
or a shroud
which is it to be?
what will time unfold?


  1. Suddenly over a cup of coffee
    At the just around the street shop
    Wonder about the past, about a person
    Whom you long to meet again.
    There that person stands across the street
    You stare and he stares back to you
    So unreal, it feels like a dream
    And yet so true
    Like time comes back a full circle

  2. The Pilgrim, thats beautiful ... wow!