This picture


  1. It is am image to personally hope for.

  2. Dunno if it should be depressing...I just felt a lull in me...quiet and pensive.


  3. keeping my fingers crossed for a picture like that 30 years down the road :)

  4. Really is an amazing picture. Where did you get it?

  5. Some pictures stay in the head. Which can be good. Or not. Like a tune that someone whistles and you can't let it go...

    Sugar dah dah dah di dah dah... honey honey... aaaahhhgggghh!

    Yes, lovely picture.

  6. Ah, somewhere I thought my parents would be one day. Maybe I can do it...!

  7. Shreemoyee ... sweet, na?

    Austere, yup :)

    Blue Athena, what kind of a lull? Why? Tell me more?

    Dreamcatcher, yeah! lol. our webs of fancy ... for all we know they are divorced and discussing alimony upgrades ;)

    M (tread softly upon), :) I'll keep my fingers crossed for you too!

    Prometheus_Unbound, Amsterdam :)

    GhostOfTomJoad, :)

    Roger Stevens, yup. Specially, as happens with me sometimes, when you have the tune stuck but cant recall the whole song!

    :) Thank you!

    Olivia, Maybe you can ... :)

  8. I'll go nuts methinx..I cant see the pic at all..esp after everyone is raving about it

  9. why? do you have flickr blocked? will do something about it. weekend! promise :)