New Blog

Also been writing at Villa in Iceland, for a while now. I'm pretty kicked about it, actually :)


  1. Yes, kolkatar chetla..cheno?
    ami visual perception niye kaj koree.apatoto prosopagnosia...
    chris frith tomar investogator er collaboraotr
    or student dean mobbs amar chena
    UCL e
    orkue has?

  2. smart. maybe a bit too smart for ole me. no, I don't mean that.

  3. Prometheus_Unbound, working now! Sorry you had trouble with it :)

    Apoplexy, ektu ektu chini :)
    visual perception sounds good. Lot of work in vision and language. Guess thats more practical? Ami schizophrenia niye - mainly modelling imaging data.

    Austere, yeah ... I am sure you didnt! lol :)