One of my favourite bengali songs

This used to be one of my favourite songs

there used to be a lot of crittisism for uttam kumar
and i remember many adda sessions overheard growing up ending with
one of the women saying "tomaader satyajeet roy thaale tomaadergun-er soumitra ke chhere buro boyesh e uttom kumar ke niye taana taani korte gelo keno tobe ..."
the war of the sexes. though i always thought soumitra was way "cooler" guy wise. but then i guess that was before i saw deya neya and fell in love! though personally for me ofcourse, it was always Dhritiman ...

funny that i ran into this accidentally today. in keeping with my 5th rules from the science of life ... life guides you to answers to any question in your head right now.


  1. Dhritiman..yes....Bengal's answer to Feroze ar kora jabe non-martial jati amra.

  2. feroze khan! why? lol. actually not sure which one that was, so cant compare :D

  3. Dhritiman was like yeah super intelligent and sarky and yeah completely fallable (in love). My favourite possibly is Soumitra in Apur Sansar, he was toooo handsome, though Uttam was also quite charming :) The song brought back memories.

  4. Hi there! Nice blog you have here! Will return to read more. Thanks for visiting, linking me :)

  5. thanks! will look forward to seeing you. about the link, dont thank me, thank M :)