Sometimes when we touch, Dan Hill

Another old favourite. I can still remember when I first heard this song. For some reason, it's tied up with "Twisting by the Pool" and "Diamonds and Rust". I think I heard them all for the first time in School, being played either by the school
band (featuring the then love of my life) or by Dia and Anjali during the lucknow socials. I can still remember Diya's voice as she leaned towards the mike and said, (our boys had just lost to lknw - so whats new) "well, you'll always be our heros"
Oh man - how COOL had it all seemed and how grown up those bloody 17 year olds had seemed. I couldnt wait to be all grown up too ...

I think I had forgotten about it till I saw it again in Brokeback Mt.
But I love the words of the song. Its one of those rare songs which are so real and everyday truth that you can actually identify with every word. Or, well, I can :)

But it makes me think, how much of the songs, or anything else, that we love are the stuff themselves and how much is the stuff that they remind us off or make us feel like or just any other association?


  1. oooooooo..:)!! I love this song.

  2. LOL he said "Very tragic hair" and I didn't know what he meant until Dan Hill came on!

    Anyway, wow - I had totally forgotten that song! Blast from the past, love those.

  3. That's an interesting many of the songs we love are the stuff themselves or,how much is the stuff they remind us me muse over that,Ricercar.:)

  4. Hey! I've been meaning to respond to your comments and to come read your blog. Blogs are banned in Pakistan (on some ISPs). In typical government fashion they decided to ban blogspot and some ISPs followed and some didnt. Now no one cares so its blocked in some places and not blocked in others.

    But I digress.

    The point is till now (In Islamabad where I am at the moment the ISP has not blocked blogspot) I could only access my blog through a proxy which didnt allow me to see any of the comments on my blog or reply to them.

    But now I've finally managed to access your blog. I like! :)

    Thanks for the comments. Happy Reading! :)

  5. Ps: I re-read my comment and I've realized I ramble too much! My apologies! :P