it was about 3 AM; the last frontiers of the night. it was still dark, no moon tonight. In the darkness, everything had turned grey all around.

He sat on steps, and he could feel the cold from the bare steps below him, creeping up his body like cold fingers. He just stared into the darkness; and with frayed fingernails, he scratched out pieces of his soul.

the bird, or whatever it was, came out of iron fence, in front of him. He just looked down for a minute, and next minute, as he looked up, it was swooping straight at him. for a moment he thought it was a big piece of black cloth in the wind, but as it got closer he could see its eyes. They were like stone, with a glimmer that seemed to capture the last dregs of the flourescent light that lay around. Before he could finish the thought, it was in his face, and then gone, like it had hit bang into a wall and dissapeared.


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