Calling Madcap

I've stood here for so long, at the fringes of your world. From my beginning, I have been yours. From the first time our eyes met, the first time my heart beat, from the first time you smiled, I was crazy.

Seven years, it took me, to gather my wits. To break the spell, and chase the sorcerer. Three years to cross the seven seas. Now I'm at your door, finally.

I'm calling in everyway I know. Please, my love, hear me. I'll be good for you. I'll be good to you, please, baby, dont deny me.

At the doorstep, in the cold, in the rain, in your cold land. The temple gates are locked and sealed, the priests with the keys wont understand. The King is in his parlour, far far away. The Bishop's off, to foreign lands, searching for new prey. They've changed your name, to better hide you. Why are they afraid? Work some magic, walk one step; baby, come and get me. I was born, just to love you, without "us", what's the point ...

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