Two mins my eyes shut
and i had the most awesome nightmare
she called me and pulled my hand
and we were back home again!
and from the other room i heard ur voice
u said, "ki korchhish tora duto te te mile,
dosshi. did ke porte dao. ekei to kichhu pore na
koto koshto kore tomaader baba porachhe"
and i had that funny floating up feeling
like i get sometimes in my sleep
like i am awake and floating
and i floted to ur room
the bed was in the old place
and u were in it
i touched u
ur legs werent cold
soft warm albaster skin
and i ouched ur little toe
and it was whole again
no more sore skin
and i called ur name
and u frowned at me as if to say
abar paglami korchhish!
as if to say yeah! so?
like u had been there all along
and u said, so many things
and i kept asking pointed questions
trying to hint at the unsaid
like amaar oshukh hoyechhilo,
tumi jaannte? ki kore jaanle
and u said keno baar baar
oi shob kotha kotha tuchhish?
chhere de na. bhule ja
yeah right. but i couldnt see ur face
at one point it was distored
into boudi's face
is she there with u? omg
u were made at me
but u were there
i woke up screaming ur name
please come back again


  1. :) I like this poem. It's nice very haunting.

  2. hello.
    i like chowrangi and deya neya too.
    u may mail me at biswagan@yahoo.co.in