Night Sea

I woke up from a dream
with a song in my head
wearing a smile
a little sunshine, in my mind

i wasnt looking
i was a bit lost in the unfamilar feeling
i must have forgotten,
my caution under my pillow

i'm sorry if i spoke out loud
the voices in my head
i'm sorry if i laughed out loud
or smiled at you that way

did i say i care
sometimes it doesnt last
did i say i like you
its probably not too much

but dont go trusting me, sweet child
i'll just break ur heart
and dont love me too much,
i'll tear you apart

i'm so scared of hurting you
because thats what i do
i'm falling, into the blackhole in my head,
and if u reach out, to save me, ill pull u in too

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OST: This, or This?

but sometimes, when the moon dances on the sea
i go down to the beach,
and hear the waves rustling on the rocks
while the lighthouse spins uselessly,

i go back to yesterday
feel u with me again
in the darkness, i can hear u
whisper to me

i scrawl our names
with a twig, in the sand
and another wave, playfully
wipes it out, and we end again

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