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you watch his life,
the one you didnt choose,
spread out in front of you
cluttering the desk,
and you dont why
you suddenly want to cry,
you feel empty and cold.

its like someone walked over your grave.
and you dont know how.
and you dont know why.
questions bubble up inside.
there so much to ask
so much to hide.
did he miss anything,
was it allright,
was he able to handle the price;
the one, you thought you couldnt afford, when you walked away.

because you're still scared of death,
of the second hand half kind;
bcz techincally, you were still one,
the weaning yet to be done.
and he's so casually brave.

you still shiver and shudder and wait for the night
when in dreams you're whole again;
and in daylight, with dead-grip
hold on to goodcheer and painted smiles.
though now and then, sometimes you forget.

OST: Knife

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